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I love to write stories showing how much God loves you.

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Daughter of Benin

Total Reading Time: 15 minutes Listen to audio version Frustration burned within Lisa, fervent as the crackling coals at the fireplace in the study. Reading

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Oceans Beyond

Total Reading Time:10 minutes Listen to audio version “God, am I a potato?” Jeremy soliloquized a little too loud he was sure he was heard

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A story of love, hope and trust.

One would think Isaac would never find love. With a successful business, the love of his family and friends, only one thing remains unsettled―a woman to call his own. Isaac is torn between trusting God to provide him a consort despite the apparent impossibility―a consequence of his dwelling in Canaan. He would have to choose between going back to Shuah, his childhood friend who he loved, or face a lifetime of solitude.
Against her past mistakes, Rebekah has chosen to live a life dedicated to only the true God. Despite the threat of being betrothed to man she could never love, she decides to wait on God for a spouse. She is serving water to strangers by a well, when unaware, her love story happens.

Lorraine A.
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Such a captivating read! I could not stop till I got to the last chapter
Funmi L.
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I felt every one character speak to me! I felt God’s love permeate the entire book